Armaf Hamidi Oud Rose Shower Gel 500Ml


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Experience the opulent fusion of fragrances with Armaf Hamidi Oud Rose Shower Gel. Enriched with the captivating scents of oud and rose, this 500ml shower gel elevates your daily routine. Indulge in a luxurious cleanse that leaves your skin refreshed and lightly scented with the enchanting allure of oud and rose.

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In stock

Elevate your shower experience with the luxurious Armaf Hamidi Oud Rose Shower Gel. Envelop yourself in the enchanting blend of oud and rose, creating a harmonious fusion of captivating aromas. This indulgent shower gel not only cleanses and refreshes your skin but also immerses you in a sensory journey of sophistication. With a generous 500ml size, this shower gel ensures a long-lasting and lavish bathing ritual. The combination of oud and rose notes offers a unique and alluring fragrance that lingers on your skin even after you step out of the shower. The opulent scent evokes feelings of opulence and elegance, making every shower a moment of indulgence. Pamper yourself with the richness of Armaf Hamidi Oud Rose Shower Gel and let the captivating blend of oud and rose elevate your daily grooming routine. Enjoy a fragrant and revitalizing cleanse that leaves your skin feeling refreshed, moisturized, and subtly scented with the charm of oud and rose.

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